Meet Anisa

Clinical Sexologist & Mental Practitioner

Anisa Varasteh is a clinical sexologist, the Director of Relate Sexology and the current Branch Director of the Society of Australian Sexologist in South Australia & Northern Territory. Anisa provides therapy to individuals and couples as well as consultancy and training on mental health and sexuality related topics to clinicians and organisations. 

Talking about the most intimate parts of our being takes courage. Many people find talking about sexuality difficult. Creating a therapeutic relationship that allows trust and a sense of security to grow is central to my work.

I am passionate about my work as a sexologist as I have the privilege to be part of people's journey to discover and re-discover what is fulfilling, meaningful and pleasurable for them. I have worked with couples, individuals and people in non-monogamous relationships to support them with their relationships, sense of identity , sex life and explore how they can connect with their authentic self. 

I offer therapy in both English and Persian.

When I am not at work I am probably writing, hiking, watching lengthy art-house films or discovering new and exciting places around the world.

A Few Words About Me

My areas of interest and specialisation

Unfilfilling sex

Gender identity

Kinks & fetishes

Consensual non-monogamy

Somatic psychotherapy


""Thank you so much for introducing me to a part of myself I had lost touch with."

Mature Woman

- Client

"It was very healing to realise I am not broken and that I can have a fulfilling intimate relationship despite my diagnosis of vaginismus."

Happy Woman

- Client

"You have a calm and open presence which is so important when we are attempting to access these parts of ourselves that we may feel vulnerable or embarrassed about."

Smiling Man

-Workshop participant

*The testimonials are from Relate Sexology clients but the photos are not, to respect clients' privacy and confidentiality.