A therapeutic group for people experiencing pelvic pain

90 mins

4 weeks

Live class


Course overview:

  • Do you experience pelvic pain?

  • Pain with intercourse?

  • Pain that affects the quality of your life?

If so, you may consider attending this therapeutic group. The focus of this group is to provide a space to discuss how pain is experienced and understood and to explore new strategies to experience pleasure. It is also a safe space for participants in sharing, and discussing the challenges related to pelvic pain and collectively exploring new, alternative, and supportive understandings of sexual pleasure.

Informed by the latest psychology research & evidence-based theories, these series of workshops will support you to expand your understanding and experience of a pleasurable and fulfilling sex life.


***This is an educational and clothes-on workshop for people 18+



Week 1
Creating safety
What is sex?
Exploring our relationship with sex
The cycle of disappointment

Week 2
Desire styles
Exploring new possibilities
Lessons from the past

Week 3
Psychology of pain
Practical strategies to manage pain
Body mapping

Week 4
Exploring our relationship with pleasure
Erotic confidence


Workshop details:


         3rd  May 2021, 8.00-9.30 pm (Time in Adelaide, South Australia)

          10th May 2021, 8.00-9.30 pm (Time in Adelaide, South Australia)

          17th May 2021, 8.00-9.30 pm (Time in Adelaide, South Australia)

          24th  May 2021, 8.00-9.30 pm (Time in Adelaide, South Australia)


Venue: Online via Zoom (all you need is a private space and a reliable internet connection)

Facilitator: Anisa Varasteh, Clinical Sexologist

Cost: $385.50 (AUD)

Please note this is a live event and not a pre-recorded course. You will have the opportunity to interact with other participants and the facilitator in a safe and educational environment.

Frequently Asked questions:

Is this workshop only for women?

This workshop is designed for people with a vulva. All gender identities are welcome. 

What frameworks do you use?

This course is informed by the principles of Sensorimotor psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and the latest sexology research. 

If I have a history of trauma, is this workshop safe for me?

I am a qualified psychotherapist and intend to create a safe space for everyone in these workshops. However, if you have experienced traumatic events and are still in crisis or the trauma has a significant impact on your life, this workshop may not be suitable for you and you may benefit from seeing a therapist individually. If you are unsure please contact me and we can explore it further.


Will there be explicit images or nudity as part of the course?

No. There will be no nudity or explicit material in the content of the course. Due to the nature of the topic, though, there will be conversations about sexual desires and activities. As the facilitator of the group I will provide the group with a safety framework and together we will discuss some norms for respectful and safe conversations about these intimate topics.


I feel nervous about attending a workshop with people I don't know and talk about sex. Is there any support available? 

It is a common experience to feel nervous. Most people do experience a level of nervousness before attending such groups. So, you are not alone. As part of the process of registration, you will have an opportunity to meet me before the session (10 minute meeting) to make sure the technology works smoothly and you can ask any questions you have. 

How do I pay for the course? 

Upon completion of registration and confirmation from me, you will receive an invoice with the bank details to transfer the money within 24 hours. Once we receive the payment your place will be secured.