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Team Building Session

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Research suggests that subtle forms of interpersonal discrimination such as microaggressions are as harmful as more overt expressions of discrimination.

Microaggressions are small, off-the-cuff comments that reflect assumptions about people based on some element of their identity. These seemingly benign comments, often appearing to be compliments or genuinely expressed questions are in fact unintentional expressions of bias and/or racism, sexism, ageism or other forms of discrimination. Unlike outright racism, sexism, homophobia they are generally not MEANT to cause offense.

Microaggressions can negatively impact careers as they are related to increased burnout and less job satisfaction and require significant cognitive and emotional resources to recover from. So, the reality is that microaggressions are not so micro in terms of their impact and can have significant financial and cultural costs for companies.

Our Inclusion Program is designed to help organisations embrace diversity and promote a safe and productive workplace.

Our Inclusion Program Includes:

Leaders training

This 2-3 hour training will equip your leadership team with the fundamental skills they need to identify interpersonal discrimination, address incidents and foster an environment of inclusion.

Staff training

These workshops are delivered by one of our specialists through thought-provoking interactive activities together with reflective conversations.

The purpose of the Inclusion Program is to increase participant’s cultural awareness, knowledge, and communication and help them develop practical skills to improve and develop their inclusive practices.


Some of the topics covered in the training:


Identifying and addressing unconscious bias

Impact of discrimination and microaggression in the workplace

Creating a safe and inclusive environment

Cheerful Woman with Glasses

Manager- IT Company

"Next time I will advocate with the leadership team for a longer session. A very well-run workshop."

Portrait of a Man

Workshop participant

"A very well delivered workshop. I didn't expect to learn so much! Anisa’s pace was just right not too fast, not too slow. She was clearly able to read the room. Great session!."


Our Trainer

Anisa Varasteh

Anisa Varasteh is a Clinical Sexologist and the Director of Society of Australian Sexologists in South Australia and Northern Territory. Anisa provides consultancy and training to organisations, universities as well as government departments.


Sexual harassment at work

sexual harassment prevention training 

workplace harassment training 

sexual misconduct in the workplace

workplace harassment training

harassment in workplace law

workplace sexual harassment training 

*The testimonials are from Relate Sexology clients but the photos are not as our feedback process is anonymous. 

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