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LGBTIQ+ Awareness

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3-4 hours

organisations only

This training is a reflective course which raises awareness of how knowledge and reality are constructed. This course gives your team the skills to interact more effectively and compassionately with anyone whom they perceive is different to them.


This training supports the participants to:

  • Reflect on reality, knowledge and culture as social constructs

  • Deepen their understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity

  • Learn how to keep up with the increasing terminology related to sexuality and gender

  • Understand how discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people can have a direct impact on them (if they don’t identify as LGBTIQ+)

  • Develop practical knowledge and skills to improve and develop their inclusive practice


Workshop details

Dates: various

Duration: 3-4 hours depending on the number of participants

Venue: on-site or via Zoom

Facilitator: Anisa Varasteh, Clinical Sexologist

Cost: contact us for quote

Frequently Asked questions

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is for organisations and companies who want to create a safe and inclusive space for their employees and clients.

Please note this is a face-to-face training available to companies and organisations (not individuals).

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