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Non-Shared Reality

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2 hours

available to individuals & organisations

Do you feel confident to support people who hear voices?


This pre-recorded online training will support the participants to:


  • Have a better understanding of the voice hearing experience and other non-shared realities.

  • Learn about the Hearing Voices Movement

  • Learn about different ways people make meaning of these experiences.

  • Learn practical skills to support people who hear voices.



                                                 Training details:

Dates: Available for one year from the date of purchase

Venue: Online recording

Duration: 1 hour

Facilitator: Anisa Varasteh, Clinical Sexologist, Licenced Mental Health Practitioner

Cost: $48.50 (USD) for individuals

          $2,800.00 (AUD) for organisations- unlimited access for up to 150 staff               for one year

Frequently Asked questions

Who is this course suitable for?

This training is suitable for support workers, therapists or anyone who works with people who hear voices or have visions to help them expand their knowledge of hearing voices and other non-shared realities and to learn about non-medical approaches to supporting people's journey of recovery

What frameworks do you use?

This course is informed by the principles of Person-centred therapy, the Hearing Voices movement and the Open Dialogue model.

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