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What makes an amazing sexual experience - Part two

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Deep erotic intimacy

The third component of magnificent sex in the research was “deep sexual and erotic intimacy”. The participants interviewed connected the emotional relationship with sexual relationship, explaining it impossible to disentangle when you’re talking about magnificent sex. Intimacy was described as a deep mutual respect and trust for their sexual partner.

Despite popular beliefs that intimacy is more important to women, the component was described as imperative for optimal sexuality across the board regardless of gender. Does this surprise you? Do you agree? Think of your most treasured sexual experience - was it a scenario where you had a deep sense of erotic and sexual intimacy? One rooted with mutual trust and respect?

Photo by Ivan Tronayovsky

Being authentic

The next component that makes up magnificent sex is the ability to be genuine, authentic and transparent.

Participants described this facet as being able to be fully honest, share their wants, desires and fantasies and trust their sexual partners to be able to receive them with openness and judgement-free space.

They added that we’re able to share parts of themselves and partners were able to accept and enjoy with them.

Are you able to share yourself freely with your partner? If not, what gets in the way?


The last component that makes up magnificent sex is vulnerability and surrender: "being emotionally naked while in full view of another."

The participants described vulnerability and the act of surrendering as acting on pure instinct and desire, letting go of mental barriers that might get in the way and being completely transparent, deliberately letting go.

What does it take to surrender and be vulnerable? What do you need from your partner? What do you need for yourself?

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