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Our Approach


At Relate Sexology we are committed to offering therapy that is compassionate, confidential, holistic, and safe.

We understand it can be difficult to talk about sexuality so our priority is creating a safe space for you to talk about things which are important for you.  We listen with non-judgement and respect your choices.

We work with individuals and partners to help navigate them through challenges related to intimacy or sexuality. We do not assume or promote one way of expressing or enjoying sexuality. We are curious to know your unique perspective and experience of life and relationships and we celebrate the diversity and wonderful complexity of human sexuality.



Clinical sexology or sex therapy is a branch of psychotherapy and involves providing counselling to the client. A clinical sexologist is a trained professional who specialises in human sexuality and helps navigate people through areas in which they may find themselves stuck, confused, needing more information, or desiring to improve their sexual and relational wellbing. 

Articles about sexology
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