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Creating an Inclusive and Safe Workplace

Workplace sexual harassment is multi-faceted and complex at times.


The organisation's policies and procedures as well as the individual staff's understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment, are fundamental in creating a safe workplace for all. At Relate Sexology, we offer a comprehensive package to help you review your policies and procedures as well as support your leadership team to enhance their knowledge in this area and feel more confident to address incidents of sexual harassment. Our half-day training for staff from all backgrounds and departments ensures that all your team members have an awareness of the nature and prevalence of workplace sexual harassment and how they can implement strategies to prevent workplace sexual harassment .


We are the only professional development organisation in Australia with a background in psychology as well as sexology. 

Our Safety Package Includes:

Leaders training

This 2-3 hour training will equip your leadership team with the fundamental skills they need to identify sexual harassment, address incidents and foster an environment of safety for all.


We will review your policies and procedures (including recent incidents) to identify areas which may benefit from enhancement, and we will offer expert recommendations.

Staff training

This half-day workshop aims to enhance participants' general understanding of workplace sexual harassment. Participants gain a deeper awareness of the nature and prevalence of workplace sexual harassment and how they can implement strategies to prevent workplace sexual harassment. Key content covered includes definitions and prevalence of sexual harassment, barriers to reporting, underlying factors and strategies to prevent workplace sexual harassment. 

Professional Woman

Team Leader- Mental Health Organisation

"Fantastic workshop- I would happily attend a longer course. Very interesting content, starting off with familiar concepts and then expanding into new territory in a very informative an accessible way. Many thanks!"

Professional Male Portrait

Workshop participant

"Anisa is a great trainer. It is not easy to present on sexual violence  in an interesting and engaging manner."


Our Trainer

Anisa Varasteh

Anisa Varasteh is a Clinical Sexologist and the Director of Society of Australian Sexologists in South Australia and Northern Territory. Anisa provides consultancy and training to organisations, universities as well as government departments.


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*The testimonials are from Relate Sexology clients but the photos are not as our feedback process is anonymous. 

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