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Discover Your Desire Style

Your personal Desire style- and that of your partner/s- is formed through childhood, family, culture and million other factors; by recognising it you can deepen your sexual experiences and get creative with them.

20 mins

1 weeks


Discover your Desire Style-poster.jpg


In this free pre-recorded short course you will learn:

  • Why 'consent' is not enough

  • The two different processes of discovering your true desire

  • Desire styles,

  • Which one to use and how to use it

  • Ways to use your desire style to enhance your sex life

  • What your partner may be most receptive to


Remember, your personal desire style is not a straitjacket! No one is exclusively one style. Most of us have the capacity to move between them. But knowing your personal style can help you orient yourself towards sexual experiences that may be the most pleasurable for you.

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