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Meet Anisa

Director of Relate Sexology & Clinical Sexologist

Anisa Varasteh is a Clinical Sexologist, the Director of Relate Sexology and the President of the Society of Australian Sexologists (SA/NT branch). Anisa provides therapy to individuals and partners as well as consultancy and training on mental health and sexuality related topics to clinicians and organisations. 

Fee: $247.50

Clinic location: North Adelaide or Online


Talking about the most intimate parts of our being takes courage. Many people find talking about sexuality difficult. Creating a sense of safety for you to talk about the things that are important for you is central to my work.

Our clients are successful, high-achieving individuals and couples who often describe their intimate life as the missing piece of their personal puzzle. 

No matter your situation, if everything else in your life is great, except for this one crucial aspect, you've come to the right place. Together, we'll work towards creating the fulfilling relationship you truly desire.

When I am not at work I am writing, dancing, or discovering new and exciting places around the world.

I consult from Aware Women's Health on Friday afternoons. To book an in-person appointment, call 08 8361 7866.

A Few Words About Me

Qualifications & Membership

Master of Science Medicine- Sexual & Reproductive Health

Bachelor of Psychology

University of South Australia

University of Sydney

Member of Society of Australian Sexologists 

Member of World Association of Sexual Health

Member of Australian Counselling Association

Member of UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education

Areas of my Interest & Experience

Kinks & Fetishes

Multi-Partnered Relationships

Sexual Confidence

Dating After a Long-Term Relationship

Intimacy After Trauma

Meet Stacey


Stacey is a sexologist who works with individuals and partners aiming to have healthy intimate relationships with others or themselves.

Stacey can help you explore intimate connections, sexual concerns and playful sex. As an LGBTQIA+ and neuro-diverse friendly therapist, Stacey creates a safe space where you can enhance your relationships and make your sex life more fulfilling.

Stacey provides online therapeutic services in English.

Fee: $189.50

Location: Online

My fascination with sexual health began after experiencing a lot of sexual difficulties myself. I understand the struggle in being vulnerable and exposing a part of yourself rarely (if ever) shared. Most issues are more common than most people think, and there is often a way to change, adapt or gain greater acceptance of our inner selves once we start to explore them.


When not at work I am most likely somewhere outdoors soaking up sunshine: hiking, running, cycling, reading a good book or birdwatching.

Stacey-O- Orgams (002).png

A Few Words About Me

Qualifications & Membership

Graduate Diploma Sexology (Professional) 

Curtin University

Masters of Counselling

University of Canberra (currently studying)

Member of Society of Australian Sexologists

Graduate Certificate Sex, Health & Society

La Trobe University

Member of Australian Counselling Association

Member of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia

Areas of my Interest & Experience

Sexual pain conditions

Gender & sexual identity

Overcoming Sexual shame

Orgasm concerns

Arousal concerns

Meet Ortal

Sexuality & Relationship Therapist

Ortal Vaalani is a Sexuality & Relationship Therapist and a Social Worker specialised in trauma recovery and mental health. 

Ortal's areas of expertise also include prevention of sexual violence, post traumatic growth and supporting people to create intimacy and pleasure post trauma. Ortal also has a strong interest in both training and organisational management.

Ortal provides online therapeutic services in both English and Hebrew.

Ortal currently is not taking on new clients. 

Fee: $167.50

Location: Online


I am passionate about providing people a safe space to re-discover their strengths and supporting them in navigating their way to emotional wellness guided by their expertise about what works for them. Trauma-informed practice, empowerment and a person-centred approach are the key elements and foundations of my therapeutic work.


When I am not working you will mainly find me running around and enjoying the outdoors with my two children, and when I get a moment enjoying listening to true crime podcasts, reading and watching documentaries.

A Few Words About Me

Qualifications & Membership

Master of Social Work

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology & Sociology)

The Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo

Member of Australian Association of Social Workers

Sexual trauma recovery

Post-trauma intimacy

Overcoming sexual shame

Age-appropriate sexuality education

Intimacy in long-term relationships

Areas of my Interest & Experience

Meet Ruby

Sexuality & Relationship Therapist

Ruby Hankinson Deieso is a Sexuality and Relationship Therapist with a passion for working with people to explore intimate and sexual relationships with themselves and others, and a keen interest in working collaboratively with clients to enhance confidence and sexual empowerment. Ruby respects that sexuality and relationships are an important part of life, in whatever diverse capacity they may exist in for each unique individual. Ruby provides sessions to individuals only.

Ruby provides online therapeutic services in English.

Fee: $169.50

Location: Online

I attempt to foster a safe and non-judgemental environment to invite people to discuss areas of a personal nature openly. At the heart of my work is curiosity, a value for genuine human connection and the belief that you are the expert of your own life.  

When I am not at work, you’ll find me outdoors hiking, unwinding on the beach or with friends at a cosy café or bar. I value the boundaries between shared and personal time, so I equally enjoy days at home catching up on some much needed downtime.

IMAGE BW-31.jpg

A Few Words About Me

Qualifications & Membership

Master of Science in Medicine- Sexual & Reproductive Health

Bachelor of Psychological Science

University of Adelaide

University of Sydney (currently studying)

Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Member of Australian Counselling Association

University of Adelaide

Member of Society of Australian Sexologists

Areas of my Interest & Experience

Sexual pain conditions

Sexual self-esteem & body image

Kinks & fetishes

Difference in libido

Sexual identity

What Our Clients Say

""Thank you so much for introducing me to a part of myself I had lost touch with."

Mature Woman

- Client

"Coming here has been a life changing experience for me. I can relate to myself and my partner in a completely different way. "

Happy Woman

- Client

"You have a calm and open presence which is so important when we are attempting to access these parts of ourselves that we may feel vulnerable or embarrassed about."

Smiling Man

-Workshop Participant

*The testimonials are from Relate Sexology clients but the photos are not. This is to respect clients' privacy and confidentiality.

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