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Bloom: Intimacy & Pleasure Beyond Pain

If you experience pain with sex and are looking for practical ways to enhance your intimate life and to experience pleasure again this course is for you.

40 minutes

available to individuals


Please note the price is in USD 

Why this course?

If you experience pain with sex it is very likely that your relationship with your partner has been affected by this, that you even feel anxious with the smallest physical touch or extended kiss out of the fear it may lead to painful sex. In this course Anisa Varasteh, Clinical Sexologist discusses practical ways for partners to rebuild intimacy and experience pleasure beyond pain.


  • Understanding different underlying causes of sexual pain

  • Psychological components of sexual pain

  • Identifying your sub-conscious negative sexual schemas (beliefs and thought patterns)

  • Strategies to enhance intimacy and emotional connection with your partner

Course details:

Please note this is a pre-recorded training

Dates: Available for 3 months from the date of purchase

Venue: Online recording

Facilitator: Anisa Varasteh, Clinical Sexologist

Cost: $84.50 (USD)

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