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Sexify Your Bedroom – 5 Hot Tips to Get You Turned On in the Bedroom

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Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into your bedroom and feel sexy, erotic and ready for play? See below for some tried and tested suggestions, to help you and your partner(s) feel like intimacy is a priority in the bedroom.  

  1. Make your sex toys easily accessible. Whether this is displaying them in a cabinet/on a shelf, hanging them on a wall or keeping them tucked nicely in a bedside drawer, ensure that your toys and sexual aids are quick and easy to access so that you can act on your desires effectively and continue the playful mood.  

  2. Hang some erotic art. Choose some artwork that suits your taste and most importantly turns you on! There is plenty out there and its excellent quality. A couples boudoir photoshoot could give you plenty of photos to display! If you share your living space with others and wish to maintain your privacy, investing in a digital picture frame can be a discreet and convenient solution. This way, you can easily switch between various artworks and cherished memories without anyone else having access to intimate visuals.


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  1. Insert some sex furniture. From sofas to cushions, there is sex furniture to suit all budgets. Bigger pieces like Tantra Chaises can make multiple different sex positions more comfortable. Medium sized pieces like spanking benches (we like to call them ‘Cheeky Comfort’) can fit in smaller rooms and pack away easily if needed. If you have a bedroom that cant fit additional furniture, try sex cushions of various shapes and sizes that can be used directly on the bed.  

  2. Have different lighting options. From bright lights to complete darkness, ensure you have options to manipulate your lighting depending on what you need. Whether you need stark lighting, candles for a romantic feel or complete darkness and blindfolds for sensory deprivation, ensure you have options at the ready. Using different coloured bulbs could also be really fun. Think about the kind of lighting that makes you feel comfortable and sexy.  

  3. Consider your desire style. Are you most turned on by visual stimulation? Do you love to hear sexy sounds? Are you seduced by certain scents? Is it your taste buds that tantalise you? Are you a sucker for soft furnishings and feathers? Learn about your desire style here and think about what would make your bedroom feel more sexy. Do you need a stereo for sexy music, some essential oils to feel scent-ual, or do you need a splash blanket handy for ice/water play? Be as creative as you like. This is how you can make your room feel sexy to you!  

Picture: womanizer-toys-1mqYa4ajqtU-unsplash

Remember, life has a way of getting in the way of our intimate lives. Actively prioritise intimacy with yourself and your partner(s) and when you enter your sexy sanctuary, drop your worries and concerns at the door. Fully immerse yourself in your 5 senses when you are engaging in intimate play because sex is an important part of our lives too! 

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