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Please note the price is in USD 

1.5 hours

available to individuals

& organisations

Have you ever worked with a client that no matter which therapist they see, they still feel stuck in the ‘trauma world’?

Have you, as a therapist, ever felt stuck? Felt that you didn’t know what else to do for a client?

Have you ever worked with people who have had many somatic and psychological challenges but didn’t seem to have a history of trauma?

Do you work with clients who have had history of past trauma?

Did you know that the physical patterns of our body not only reflect how we’re feeling inside but can actually cause those feelings?


Body-oriented psychotherapy can be a fantastic addition to your therapy tool-kit. The effects of trauma run so deep that they can become ingrained in our body language. By using a body-oriented approach, we can recognise and use these body patterns to help people further understand and explore their trauma.

In this training I share my experiences and learnings of sensorimotor psychotherapy and how to incorporate that into your practice. You will learn practical skills and evidence-based theories to understand:

The limits of talk therapy

The somatic narrative

Shifting the somatic narrative

How trauma is stored in the body

Attachment injuries and the body

Tracking the body

Embedded relational mindfulness

Resourcing the body

Workshop details

Dates: various

Duration: 2 hours


Venue: Online (this is a pre-recorded training)

Facilitator: Anisa Varasteh, Clinical Sexologist, Licenced Mental Health Practitioner

Cost: USD 90

Frequently Asked questions


Who is this course suitable for?

This training is suitable for mental health practitioners, psychologist, counsellors, social workers, sexologists or anyone who provided psychotherapy. 

Please note this is a pre-recorded training.

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