These trainings are suitable for mental health, education, aged care or disability organisations and some are available to individual clinicians/therapists. Please refer to individual trainings for more details.

Sexual Disclosure - Poster-website.jpg
This workshop is available to organisations. It addresses the complex topic of sexual disclosure in young people under the 'age of consent'.

2 hours

LGBTIQ+ Awareness.jpg
Healing through kink- flyer.jpg

This workshop is designed to give your team the skills to interact more effectively and compassionately with anyone whom they perceive is ‘different’ to them and develop practical knowledge and skills to improve and develop their inclusive practice.

This short online course is suitable for clinicians, individuals and partnered people who would like to understand the therapeutic potential of kink and BDSM.

5 hours

1 hour

These series of workshops are available to organisations only. We will work in collaboration with you to deliver these power series to your clients.

4 weeks

1.5 hours

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