These trainings are suitable for mental health, education, aged care or disability organisations and some are available to individual clinicians/therapists. Please refer to individual trainings for more details.


Agencies can request workshops for their staff by discussing their unique needs and requirements with us in a complementary initial consultation session. This discussion will cover:

  • Workshop topic

  • Specific needs of the team/clients

  • Date and start/finish times

  • Costs

  • Audience size and type

  • Venue details

  • Equipment required

We can also provide short presentations on request, although this cannot be used as a substitute for training. Short presentations often take the form of a topic overview plus a Q&A session. A negotiable fee applies.

Responding to sexual disclosure.jpg
This workshop is available to organisations. It addresses the complex topic of sexual disclosure in young people under the 'age of consent'.

2 hours

These series of workshops are available to organisations only. We will work in collaboration with you to deliver these powerful series to your clients.

4 weeks

1.5 hours

Trauma-informed sex education is sensitive to students' traumatic life experiences. This training will support sexuality educators to bridge the gap between sexuality education and trauma-informed care by better understanding how to be more sensitive to students’ traumatic experiences.

3 hours

LGBTIQ+ Awareness.jpg
Sexuality in

This workshop is designed to give your team the skills to interact more effectively and compassionately with anyone whom they perceive is ‘different’ to them and develop practical knowledge and skills to improve and develop their inclusive practice.

5 hours

The workshop is designed as a facilitated journey to promote honest self-exploration and reflections in order to feel more confident and comfortable to address a range of topics related to sexuality in psychotherapy.

7 hours

Disability & Sexuality.jpg
This workshop is designed for health professionals who provide services to people with a disability. This training will support your team to feel more confident to talk with clients about sexuality related topics.
Youth and Sexuality.jpg
If your organisation is responsible for the care of young people, it is very likely that you are responsible to provide a reasonable level of sexuality education to your clients. This training can help your team fee confident about how to approach this topic with young clients.

2.5 hours

4 hours

Healing through kink- flyer.jpg

This short online course is suitable for clinicians, individuals and partnered people who would like to understand the therapeutic potential of kink and BDSM.

1 hour