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These trainings are suitable for organisations and companies who want to create a safer and more inclusive workplace for the employees and clients. Some of these trainings are available to individual clinicians/therapists. Please refer to individual trainings for more details.

Agencies can request workshops for their staff by discussing their unique needs and requirements with us in an initial complementary consultation session. This discussion will cover:

  • Workshop topic

  • Specific needs of the team/clients

  • Date and start/finish times

  • Costs

  • Audience size and type

  • Venue details

  • Equipment required

We can also provide short presentations on request, although this cannot be used as a substitute for training. Short presentations often take the form of a topic overview plus a Q&A session. A negotiable fee applies.

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Our Inclusion Program will equip your staff with the fundamental skills they need to identify interpersonal discrimination and foster an environment of safety and inclusion.
This course will help clinicians/counsellors to have a better understanding of running effective therapeutic groups.

This pre-recorded course provides therapists with effective tools to incorporate body-oriented psychotherapy in their practice. Suitable for psychologists, counsellors, social workers, clinical sexologist

5 hours

5 hours

1.5 hours

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Healing Trauma.jpg

This workshop will give your team the skills to interact more effectively and compassionately with anyone whom they perceive is different to them and develop practical knowledge and skills to improve and develop their inclusive practice.

This course explores the topic of emotional and psychological trauma and how to provide caring, compassionate, and empathetic services that are trauma-informed.

This is a comprehensive training based on best practice guidelines to provide psychotherapy and support to people with complex PTSD. This training is particularly helpful for counsellors, therapists and social workers.

3-4  hours

2.5 hours

5 hours

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non-shared reality-website.jpg


Resolving conflict in a positive manner is paramount in reducing the number of incidents in an organisation. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be developed and practiced. This course will help leaders and their staff members to feel more confident in managing conflict.
This course will help therapists, counsellors, or support workers get a better understanding of the hearing voices experience, their role in supporting voice hearers and feeling more confident in delivering services. 

5 hours

1 hour

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